Raise Fish & Grow Plants The New Way Using Aquaponics

Yes you heard it right you can actually grow your choice of plants and grow healthy species of fishes that you can catch right at your backyard.


I catch my own fish without much effort and eat fresh veggies grown at my backyard that is free from chemicals and toxins. Trust me it is a real deal and who wouldn’t love to have healthy nutritious foods which is free from adulteration. Try this new way of growing fishes and plants using aquaponics by reading the write up below.

For your information aquaponics is an integrated system which raises fishes as well as grows plants in water. So basically you don’t have to brood over getting wet while catching fresh fishes or dirty your hands out in the garden by growing veggies. Aquaponics is a simple version where aquaculture and hydroponics are implemented with a mutual symbiosis approach.

Aquaponics explained in a simple manner

Fishes eat their stomach fill and excrete waste products that are converted by bacteria and red worms into nitrates and vermicompost both which are extremely beneficial for plants. Bacteria plays the role of converting ammonia from fish waste into nitrites initially and then into nitrates. Nitrates are essential compounds that favor the growth of plants and they are naturally produced otherwise during thunder and lighting.

The little red worms treat the left out waste form fishes into tiny tiny compost that are highly liked by plants as they help to grow quickly. So bacteria’s and red worms play a major role in aquaponics and help the system to stay stable by removing unwanted products optimally.

So can I grow any type of fish and plants?

Well salt water fishes are an exception as you can’t create a sea type of environment and handle it properly. The simple point is you can grow any fresh water fish easily like tilapia, catfish and trout’s. To know more fish varieties used in aquaponics click here.

My friend has started using aquaponics after watching my aquaponic systems growing in perfect health with each passing day. But she doesn’t eat the fish grown in such a set up so she prefers to grow decorative type fishes to add beauty to her backyard. Whichever fish you chose to grow make sure the temperature is apt and does not cause any harm to the fishes.

Carefully choose plants and make sure to buy those varieties that can flourish in a neutral environment without much trouble. Those plants which love to thrive in acidic environments will not grow well inside an aquaponic system. Aquaponic systems can grow well in any type of climate with some precautions at hand.

Why aquaponics should receive a thumps up?

  • You don’t have to bother about the hygiene of the fishes that are ready to be cooked at your kitchen counter.
  • Aquaponics is a healthy way of growing plants and fishes by being environment friendly.
  • Less consumption of water and replacement is rarely needed as water escapes only through evaporation
  • Easy to grow plants without getting your hands soiled and the interesting fact are plants grow quickly in an aquaponic set up as they get everything at their root tips.
  • You can easily install an aquaponic set up in a garage, basement, backyards, parking spaces and even schools where you can teach the kids to become great farmers.
  • You can relax completely when it comes to weeds and root rots as aquaponics are free from such issues.
  • Overall electricity consumption is negligible as far as aquaponics is concerned.
  • No need of adding fertilizers or pesticides to grow plants. Now this is what you call organic farming.
  • Those who like to grow ornamental fish can largely benefit from aquaponics as they can fulfill their passion as well as eat healthy by growing fresh produce.

Conclusion: if you are fed up eating dried out toxin covered veggies and plants it is high time that you shift your attention towards new methods like aquaponics. They are really worth giving a shot as they help you to grow fresh veggies and fruits without much effort. You can easily install the whole set up using second-hand materials or ask a professional to set up a system for you. Eat fresh fish and fresh produce form your own effort with a low budget investment.

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