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Tall Raised Bed Corner Brackets Set Of 4

Raised Bed Brackets

Raised bed brackets are simply the connectors between the two sides of the raised bed. They are available is a set of 4 for all the four corners. The main purpose of them is to secure the sides of the raised beds. These raised bed  brackets are more useful for those who are making their own garden beds. These brackets are made of powder coated steel. They are rust proof and give a clean and professional look finish to the edges. They are easy to fix with the screws included with the purchase. The raised bed brackets comes in many sizes from 2” to 10-12” in height. They may be stackable or non-stackable. Stackable brackets are useful for making deep raised beds for plants that has a deeper root system and will have the space to hold each tier. The lengthy non stackable bracket can hold the two tiers of bed together and is strong enough to last long.

These raised bed brackets are available in different shapes and the choice is made according to the garden design. Rectangle, L and U-shaped brackets are also available. The shape is chosen according to the garden design. The U shaped brackets are useful to join two planks in a wavy or curving garden bed. The L shaped bracket is apt for a corner joint. The rectangular ones are useful to hold more sturdy sides together and the brackets will have ports to slide the planks into. There are raised corner anchoring joints as well. These are like brackets but with an anchoring point to hold it into the ground for a firm and sturdy stand. The designer bed brackets give an aesthetic look to the garden. The designs are suitable for a garden with flowers or with butterfly designs.

The Aqua corners ensure a constant and steady water supply to the garden. These are corner brackets with an internal plumbing system. This set comes with one corner with the water valve and 3 normal corner brackets. This can be a great asset to the DIY raised garden bed with self watering system. This system waters the plants slowly to make sure there is minimal water loss and keeps the soil moistened. Just connect one end of the water hose to the aqua corner’s brass fitting corner and enjoy an effortless plant watering. An In-Line 3 sided connector connects two raised beds side wise and is able to make a lengthier garden bed and make it straight and upright.

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Tall Raised Bed Corner Brackets Set Of 4
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