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Advanced Nutrients Sensizym Fertilizer, 1L

Do you know your plants’ roots can help you maximize your garden’s yield? To maximize yield you will have to give plants a root zone filled with active enzymes that break down debris and encourage nutrient absorption. Introducing – Sensizym from Advanced Nutrient, a potent enzyme formula that breaks down dead stuff from plant root zone and helps create reusable nutrition for plants which maximize plant yields and saves money. Read on to know the complete Sensizym Review, features, and more.


Enzymes are essential building blocks of plant life processes. Advanced Nutrients Sensizym is for smart growers. It is the world’s best agricultural enzyme product that contains over 80 enzymes necessary for plant functions. As against, enzyme products from other competitors contain far fewer types of enzymes and have inferior configurations. Sensizym is a root zone cleanser and root enhancer that breaks down a dead substance in the root zone. A feeding of Sensizym creates an almost-immediate crop uptake by breaking down root zone components to increase nutrient uptake of starches, carbohydrates, and elements necessary for rapid growth and high yield. Further, it provides more nutrition for vigorous growth and maximum yield. This helps you save money on root zone materials plus feeds beneficial microbes. It accelerates the growth of beneficial microbes when used with Piranha, Tarantula, or Voodoo Juice.

Sensizym enzymes help to catalyze water and assist the transfer of water elements to specific sites to increase growth and yield. This product speeds maturation, cell replication, and harvest production. Many of other competitors’ formulations have inferior and fewer enzymes that quickly lose potency. But this product has a safe shelf life of at least 18 months.

In product testing, it showed that most competitors’ products were dead in terms of enzymatic units of activity, whereas Sensizym demonstrated 300% more bioactive and potent than any other products, as measured by units of enzymatic activity.

Sensizym – Features

  • Sensizym is a super concentrate of over 80 different enzymes, each having specific functions that enhance plant and root growth
  • Enzymes can do in seconds & minutes, what otherwise normal plant functions may take days and weeks to accomplish.
  • It breaks down dead root mass, starches, carbohydrates and nutrients which speed up plant growth as well as assist beneficial Bacteria growth.
  • It also helps to catalyze water and assist the transfer of water-borne elements to specific sites.
  • This product is 300% more potent than other competing products, providing superior results
  • It comes in the longest shelf life of all enzymatic products
  • Available in various sizes – 0.25 Liter, 0.5 Liter, 1 Liter, 4 Liter, 10 Liter and 23 Liter.
  • Prices ranges between $11 and $320


Sensizym enzyme concentrate derived from the proprietary blend of cellulose and hemicellulose.

Sensizym – Directions To Use

Use 2 ml per liter (0.4 tsp per quart) during weeks 1 through 6 of your flowering phase. This amount is enough to help achieve incredible results.

Sensizym – Customer Reviews

This Awesome nutrient has received impressive positive feedback. Along with Sensizym users have also mentioned praises for other Advanced Nutrient products. Sensizym has received 4.3 out of 5 stars on Amazon from nearly 70 customers. People say this is a great product that works wonders. It has a great price plus it’s worth every penny spent. However, some websites and some people stated that this product only contains three enzymes as written on the bottle label as against it claims to have nearly 80 enzymes. Let’s read below few testimonials from real users–

Dick says just after a week of using this he noticed an improvement on some root. They were brown and slimy but it seems this product works as indicated.

Mason was very surprised how fast it worked. He is using 6 DWC and all the roots had brown slime like residue. He used as directed and checked it in an hour because the bottle label says it can do it in minutes. Mason was amazed to see whiter roots like never before. He had this product with an almost 2 year’s shelf life which makes him happy.

Shupert says people have used this and they have got great results, but for his Deep water culture, he hasn’t noticed any significant increase in yield or floral smell. Even the root area had no benefit from it. He used the product as direct and also did a little bit of experimenting to check if it had any actual benefits, but there were none. This disappoints him as he had outstanding result from most other Advanced Nutrients products and this didn’t work.


If you are looking for any enzyme formula, buy only Sensizym. It is the only one product with a broad range of bioactive, concentrated enzymes specifically researched and found to be perfect for plant root zone.

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