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SNS 217C 1.5oz (10pcs) – Spider Mite Control

SNS 217C Spider Mite Control – Concentrate

Spider mites can really hinder the growth of your plants which will disrupt your entire dream of having the perfect garden. If you are one of the gardeners who are having trouble shooing away spider mites, then SNS 217C 1.5oz (10pcs) can give a helping hand to ease down your problems. Read on to know how.

Features of SNS 217C 1.5oz (10pcs):

As in the name, the spider mite spins webs and punctures the cells of the plants thereby feeding upon them lavishly. They are usually found on the side of the leaves and can eat up your healthy plant in a jiffy leaving you with headaches.

Here is where SNS 217C 1.5oz (10pcs) comes into the picture. The contents of the pesticide are completely natural and combats them by disrupting their cell structure. It will destroy the internal membranes of the insects thereby killing the termites. What happens is the rosemary extract, the base ingredient of the Spider Mite control releases natural salts from its fatty acids which will fight off the vermins right from the moment you use the product on your plants.

The spider mite control inhibts formation of egg or prevent the growth of spider egg thereby hindering the growth of mites in your plants. The result is a healthy plant all year around with some of the best yields for you.

How to use:

Use SNS 217C 1.5oz (10pcs) for any plants – be it fruits, vegetables, herbs or even trees. Ranging from apples to beets, cauliflower to celery, roses to houseplants, you can use them on any plants you desire.

Since Spider mite control is quite powerful, just make sure you do not use them on growing buds as it can burn these little buds easily.
Follow the instructions as mentioned. Shake the container well and adjust the nozzle. Now spray them to the infected areas of the plants and make sure you cover all the areas correctly. Use them at your discretion as and when you see an insect. For best effectiveness, make sure to give a gap of 7-14 days.

As the product is natural, make sure you do not spray SNS 217C 1.5oz (10pcs) in front of flame, grow light or its reflectors as it can damage the plants. Before consumption of veggies or fruits, make sure to wash them thoroughly with water and soap.


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