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SNS 604A Vegetation Stimulator 1 Gallon

SNS 604A Vegetation Simulator 1 Gallon

Are you looking for nutrients for your hydroponics system? Here is SNS 604A Vegetation Stimulator 1 Gallon that is a completely organic product that comes with many features. Let’s look at some of them.
HYDROPONICS FRIENDLY: A total hydroponic product, SNS 604A Vegetation Stimulator 1 Gallon is an organic fertilizer that will help you achieve desired yields at a rapid rate. Since hydroponic system itself speeds up the growth process, you need not try very hard to get yields.

Its time to eliminate the traditional growing methods and the related pesticides that come with it. With the vegetation stimulator highly organic and natural, you are on the safe side of growing healthy plants as they do not have any side effects and are effective in delivering you promising plants that give you rich and ripe harvest at every cycle.

ORGANIC CONTENTS: The contents of the SNS 604A Vegetation Stimulator 1 Gallon are 100% organic. Some of the ingredients are nitrogen, potash, plant extracts such as Daucus Carota, Raphanus Sativus and many more. Some of the vital components are derived from Kelp (a brown algae) that are used to motivate plant growth.

With Kelp giving a promising base to the other ingredients, the SNS 604A Vegetation Stimulator 1 Gallon can promote efficient photosynthesis thereby enhancing the chlorophyll levels. Since the seaweed comes with lot of biological stimulants, plant growth is doubled without any compromise on quality. Often known as the plant growth regulators, they will rejuvenate the plants and prevent premature dropping of the yields.

WATER SOLUBLE: Many low quality products in the market will leave residues in the reservoir that can clog the hydroponic system. The SNS 604A Vegetation Stimulator 1 Gallon comes with soluble nutrients that easily mix with the reservoir water and does not leave any sediment.

MIXING DIRECTIONS: Take an ounce (28ml) for a gallon of water (3.79L). Add them and mix well. Make sure to change the reservoir water every couple of weeks for optimum results.

There are other plant motivators too such as “SOIL and COCO”, FOLIAR etc. that can be bought along with this vegetable stimulator. These plant motivators work combined in giving you the ultimate herbage you have always craved for. If you are using them, then these are the instructions to be followed.

Soil and coco – take 1 ounce (28ml) and mix with a gallon of water (3.79L). You must apply it to the root area daily in the vegetative stage of growth.

Foliar – take ¼ ounce (28ml) for a gallon (3.79L). Now mix and spray it to the plant leaves every 3 to 5 days. This is essential during the vegetative cycle for the plants to produce immense chlorophyll and promote photosynthesis.

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