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Stop Playing With Dirt & Save Some Money – Regrow Your Kitchen Scraps

Humans cannot hang about alive without food and consuming healthy food is more like a dream come true. There isn’t any veggie or fruits on earth that isn’t contaminated most of the times, but ya even if they do exist how we do find out whether it is indisputably fresh and free from chemicals.


I am no expert in gardening but I have an undersized yard where I nurture leftovers from my kitchen into fully fledged edibles which I harvest plentiful with a happy smiling face. Well I work as a software programmer and sit endless time checking for bugs and writing long codes that gets the shit out of me!!! My life is like a washing machine where there is a ceaseless line of garments that has to be washed but yet I find some free time digging in my garden. Recently when I was browsing online I accidentally clicked a link which led me to a bundle of ideas that I have never imagined and never knew that things can be done so easily.

Yeah am talking about growing foods without playing with the dirt and just the liquid medium is all that we need.

Here is a rundown list of foods that you can grow easily in small containers with water filled in them.

Green onions

My kid loves Chinese cuisine a lot and my groceries list always includes this green onions. They blend well with poached eggs, salad and rice varieties. Moreover they are loaded with essential vitamins and minerals which will keep our eyes on the safer side and it also helps to reduce the risk of cancer.

So next time when you think of throwing away damaged onions think twice as you can grow a handful of onion greens and save some bucks off your shopping list.

Sprout the onion in small container with one inch deep water and once the roots begin to flourish transfer the onion into a larger container filled with water up to the brim. Use tooth picks to hold the onion at place and show off them on your window sills as they are such an eye catching beauty.

Red or green lettuce which one do you like the most?

Who does not love to have them? And without them most of the health diets are incomplete and simply tasteless. This is the most bought greens and tops the shopping list of most of the people so think twice while you toss the leftover into the garbage box.

You can regrow them easily without much effort and use them in any of your dish without being scared of their purity. Now that’s what you call organic stuff “growing greens without toxins”. Cut of the bottom part and place it an open container with water filled about half an inch and place it somewhere where there is enough sunlight. When they get ample sunlight and clear water they will start flourishing easily and you can reap as your wish and use for garnishing salads. Lettuce is great for those who wish to lose weight and count on calories; it will also help to stay hydrated during hot summers as they are abundantly rich in water content.

Garlic sprouts

Garlic as such is used as a lozenge to treat cold, keep cholesterol at bay, and even to reduce pounds. But if you hear about the benefits that garlic sprouts can offer then you will never miss out them. Garlic sprouts helps to flush free radicals from our body and prevent premature ageing and wrinkles. They also help to prevent cancer and strokes by boosting our immune system.

So don’t ever do the mistake of trashing them instead grow it inside a water filled jar and use their sprouts to garnish your salads. When you cut them for consumption make sure you cut little above from the bottom part as the lower part might impart a bitter taste.


“Like garlic and onions leeks have a taste of their own and a flavor well known
Remove the layers and steal a look for all the sand and grit that they borne”.

This is an awesome food that will turn soups to taste better and relishing. If you have scraps then grow them just the way you do with green onions and give them ample sunlight. Leeks are abundant in minerals such as magnesium, copper and iron and they also contain folate which is rarely found in very few foods stuff that we consume. So what are you waiting for get those scraps and start growing right away.

Beet greens

Beetroots are awesome foods that we can eat, make natural lip balms and even play pranks in the name of bleeding fake blood just to scare others. Well essentially beets are super energy foods but beet greens are no less as they are rich sources of antioxidant, proteins, vitamins and essential minerals. So whenever you buy beets make sure to cut the top portion with a bit of flesh and place it in a water filled mug (cut side downwards). Place it in a spot where it can smile looking at the sun and wave its green lashes out in the air. You can cut the greens for several weeks and it will keep budding out.

Points to remember

  • All the containers used should be clean.
  • Change the water regularly within alternate days so that bacterial growth can be prevented.
  • Provide ample sunlight for them to flourish.
  • Leave them alone and don’t pester them often just to see how they are doing. You can do that once a day or while you change the water.
  • Keep your pets away and in such places where they can’t get hold of it. I had a terrible time when my kitty just broke one container with beet greens and messed my kitchen so stay alert.

Conclusion: Growing plants is a simple task and a fun thing to do where you can beat stress naturally and eat healthy foods made from your hard work. Regrow your kitchen scraps and make most of it and tell the tale to others.

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