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SuperCloset is in the market with yet another creation in the form of the SuperCloner 50 plant cloning systems, the Hydroponics cloner. SuperCloner 50 plant cloning systems hydroponic cloner is a device which can maximize the germination process and also increase the cloning success rate for up to 50 seeds at one go. The super cloner hydroponic kit promotes the fast and quick development of white root development. The system also enables users to germinate and clone plants up to a height of nearly 2 ‘which is very impressive. The system also provides options where the user can vegetate the plants inside the growing chamber. Along with the cloning processes, the SuperCloner 50 Plant Cloning Systems – Hydroponics Cloners also have the option of flowering and harvesting the plants inside the grow chamber of the cloner.
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[restab title=”About” active=”active”]The SuperCloner 50 Plant Cloning Systems hydroponic kit that is included provides an ideal environment inside the chamber which enables a perfect and healthy growth of the plants. The system is designed in a fool proof mode that the user just has to follow the instructions which comes with the system and is sure to attain the growth that he desired. The SuperCloner 50 Plant Cloning Systems – Hydroponics cloner comes with the following components:

SuperCloner 50 Site System: The deep water culture hydroponic system provides that rapid and healthy growth for the roots. The nutrients are efficiently delivered into the system through efficient hydroponic system which is designed for that efficient ingestion into the system.

Plug it in water pump which is fully assembled: The water pump is completely assembled and can be used as soon as it is fixed and is completely user friendly.

Eco 2 air pump: The Eco 2 Pumps are the next generation pump which works in a calm and quiet mode and is powerful at the same time. The pump is mainly used for the proper supply of oxygen to the SuperCloner 50 Plant Cloning Systems. The pumps are easy to maintain without any oil or noise.
3 year warranty on all the components.

Humidity super dome: The super dome is the factor which is responsible for the creating that ideal environment inside the chamber by properly isolating the external factors from the grow chamber.

High density white plastic lid and reservoir completely set: The plastic protects the water from any sort of contamination into the reservoir which is crucial for the health of the plants in the system.

50 net cups: The system has 50 1’ cups for the purpose of cloning or germination. The whole system can accommodate 50 seeds, clones or vegetative plants.

Rock wool cubes: Rock wool is spun granite which is used as the medium for holding the water in the system and for the transferring of nutrients into the plants that is sowed. The roots easily latch on to the rock wool cubes and gives the root that strength for taking the nutrients from the submersed nutrient water.

The SuperCloner 50 Plant Cloning Systems – Hydroponics Cloner is one of the finest creations from the house of SuperCloset with its advanced features which are set in an automatic mode which helps the users in easily operating the whole system without any glitches and discomfort.[/restab]
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Frequently Asked Questions – Hydroponic cloner:

Does the hydroponic cloner come with any instructions manual or guide?

Yes, with each hydroponic cloner kit you will find an instruction manual with gardening tips on how to derive healthy yields.

Is hydroponic cloner shipped worldwide?

Hydroponic cloner is available worldwide. If you are beginner who want to try his/her luck in indoor gardening, then hydroponic cloner can help you derive great yields.

Can I build a DIY hydroponic or aeroponic cloner?

Of course, you can always build your own DIY aeroponic/hydroponic cloner within a fixed budget. There are many youtube videos, blogs and DIY hydroponic cloner plans from growers who provide step-by-step details of how to build your own aeroponic cloner system.

Which is the best hydroponic plant cloner available online?

Supercloset offers you some of the best hydroponic plant cloner which helps you to grow plants 2-5x faster, bigger and healthier. You can choose the cloner as per your grow room and accordingly set the necessary equipments.

Isn’t homemade hydroponic cloner system cheap and better than a branded one?

While homemade is a good option for those who are really ‘in’ for an adventure and want to save economically, branded products undergo several tests to deliver optimum results. For instance, the superponic cloner system of supercloset comes with different watering methods which means you have four watering methods of growing plants including the aeroponics to grow rich harvest all through the year.

Where can I buy aeroponic cloner?

There are many websites such as dealzer.com that deliver prominent brands for your indoor growing purposes.

What is the aeroponic cloner machine 282 sites?

An innovative product in all ways cloner machine 282 sites (in 2 tray system) is the base of Modular Clone Machine that is best recommended for greenhouses, nurseries or an experienced grower who is serious about his growing needs. The Modular Clone Machine is also available in different sizes that range from 141 plant sites to 564 plant sites.

What is the use and functionalities of aeroponic cloner?

Aeroponic cloning is a process of growing plants where you a nutrient filled water is sprayed forming a mist surrounding the roots and motivating them to grow rich. This will save you time from soaking the seeds in media for germination or you don’t need any humidity dome to maintain the humidity. The submerged pump pushes the nutrient solution to puff out low pressured mists. However, there are some downside to aeroponic cloner such as you need to make sure the cloning machine needs to be kept clean all the time.

How much nutrients should I add to the aeroponic cloner system?

Actually, you don’t have to add any nutrients because there are no roots grown in yet. Some growers still add nutrients with the idea that as soon as roots pop up they have an immediate food available. They use a dilute version of the standard bloom formulation. This is because the phosphorus helps the roots to develop easily.[/restab][/restabs]

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