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20-Site Super Flow Hydroponic Grow System

Superflow aeroponics indoor grow system from Supercloset is an innovative grow system that allows flexibility to space up the growing plants. This Superflow aeroponics system is completely automatic and is most convenient for indoor gardening. Aeroponics means growing plants in a watery mist environment and Superflow aeroponics system uses this method in combination with two other hydroponics techniques- ebb n flow and NFT.

Parts of Superflow Aeroponics

The main part of the Superflow aeroponics is the UV resistant grow trays that are elongated with 5 or 8 sites for the plants. The thick gauged grow trays are sufficiently deep to allow far-reaching root system. The tray has lids that can be snapped close. The tight closing lids saves from any spillage or the intrusion from outside.

The custom molded grow trays of Superflow aeroponics system is flexible to arrange in a forward and backward method. All the trays can be placed uniformly side by side or alternately forward and backwards. The trays also have stands to support them at one end and the other end is supported by the water reservoir.

The water reservoir is 25 gallon capacity and has the assistance of a powerful but silent water pump and the connection to an air pump to provide the bubbles with the help of air stones placed inside.

How does Superflow Aeroponics Work

The plants are planted in the sites provided in the net cups. The root system grows into the interior space. This space is filled with nutrient rich water by the ebb and flow method several times a day. When this watering method is not active, the other methods like the NFT and aeroponics are alternated. The NFT is to run a thin film of nutrient water right at the tips of the roots.

The aeroponics technique is to create air bubbles by the air pump through the air stones and when the air bubbles are brought to the surface it burst open and sprays the watery mist all over the root area and not just at the root tip.

Advantages of Superflow Aeroponics

  • More oxygen supply: The supply of oxygen is the greatest advantage of Superflow aeroponics. The roots of the plants are exposed to oxygen more frequently than in other hydroponic systems. This ready availability of oxygen is one of the reasons why plants grow faster.
  • Care for the roots: The roots are never left to dry at any time. With the use of three types of watering system, the root moisture is always retained, which is something that may occur in some aeroponics system. The combination with the hydroponics system is an added advantage to the aeroponics technique in the Superflow system.
  • Low maintenance: Superflow aeroponics system requires very less care and maintenance. Both these factors are a great time saver. The manual labor associated with Superflow aeroponics is very less. The grow tray is much wider to allow the thick root system and also the use of any concentrated nutrient solution without the trouble of getting clogged. Even with the thick root system, there is enough space for the water to flow without hindrance. The non-clogging makes the maintenance less for Superflow when compared to other aeroponics systems.
  • Less Use of nutrients: Since the nutrients are directly sprayed on to the roots they can absorb maximum nutrition without much wastage. Even if you forgot to add nutrients at the right time and the nutrient level is a bit low in the water, there is nothing to worry. The plants have enough to survive for a little delay.
  • Versatility: The alternate use of the hydroponics and aeroponics provides the flexibility of the plants in taking the nutrients. The nutrients are running under the roots, the roots are submerged in nutrient rich water and most of all, the nutrient rich water is directly supplied to them. The last option they cannot resist in any way.
  • Suits grow tents: Superflow aeroponics system perfectly suits a small grow tent. It costs much lesser than a stealth cabinet. A strong and durable grow tent is only what the superflow aeroponics system needs to support the growing plants inside.

Decision Time

It is only a matter of time before deciding which grow system suits you well. Take your time to evaluate the advantages of the Superflow aeroponics system over the other systems. Weigh the pros and cons, do some extensive research and you will see that Superflow aeroponics system is much more superior than any hydroponics or aeroponics systems.

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