Superponics 8 plant hydroponics system

Superponics 8 plant hydroponics system

Supercloset superponics 8 hydroponic grow system

The latest technology of indoor planting is Superponics. It is the hydroponics method where the nutrients are transported to the plants through water and the same water can be used again and again when the nutrients are run out of by adding more nutrients. There are many types of hydroponics techniques. Superponics is the incorporation of two or more hydroponics techniques into a single planting system. The use of many techniques is a way of ensuring proper nutrition of the growing plants and helping in faster growth when compared to plants growing in only single hydroponic technology. The 8 plant system of Superponics can hold 8 plants at a time from a younger stage till it is fully grown. The hydroponics system will provide the necessary nutrients.


  • The Superponics uses automated top feed by dripping the nutrient water over the root system, deep water culture where the root system can grow deep in the container, bubble and aeroponics where the nutrient rich water is bubbled up and reached the top of the root system and bursts the bubbles providing a mist of nutrient in the air around the roots.
  • The root system of the growing plants is in constant touch with the nutrients helping in faster growth. Any problem with one of the Superponics technique will not affect the plants at all.
  • This Superponics system has eight 2” net cups are provided to hold the pants and rock wools or clay rocks for the root support.
  • Water pump for regular watering and an air pump oxygenation also comes with the Superponics system package.
  • All the watering is done automatically with the help of a timer. The timer can be set as per convenience and sit back and see the plants being watered.
  • The whole Superponics system can be covered by a tent and supplied with light system and air circulation. An efficient carbon filter can keep the air clean inside the tent.
  • A circulatory fan can be fixed inside the tent to have even air around the growing plants. It will also keep the temperature inside the tent since it is a closed system.


Watering Methods in Superponics 8 Plant Hydroponic system

The 8 Plant Superponics system uses the combination of three hydroponics watering methods. The top feed watering, deep water culture and the bubble & aeroponics. This Superponics system alternates between these three watering methods and only one will be working at a time. The 8 Plant systems are fully equipped to have these three methods.

The top feed watering provides the nutrient water from above the root system at the bottom of the stem. There are necessary pipes connected to each of the 8 plant holding places.

Deep water culture is growing the plants with its root system immersed in the nutrient solution. The water will be raised for a while so that the root is in constant contact with the nutrients and can absorb as needed. This is the most common hydroponics method but can make a huge difference when used in Superponics. The Superponics 8 Plant system has deep water reservoir to allow the deep water culture.

The bubble and aeroponics is the method of creating bubbles at the roots and then having the air bursting that releases the nutrient solution directly on to the roots delivering the nutrients. This is one method that is widely used in all of the Superponics.

Superponics 8 Plant Hydroponic Grow System review

The Superponics review shows that the use of aeroponics has a greater impact on the growth rate of the plants. Since the plants get the nutrients delivered on to the roots by the Superponics, their growth is made faster, and the plants no longer have to wait for the nutrients.

Superponics review from a customer states that the reservoir need not fill to its capacity and only half the capacity is required. This helps economically and also that the Superponics system uses three methods so there will not be any negative impact.

Superponics review for this Superponics 8 plant system comments that the fully assembled system is flexible in the case of pumps and is very convenient for the air pump usage and connectivity. The 24 hrs timer comes with the package that makes it easy to switch between the watering systems and can leave this Superponics system unattended to do its work.


Frequently Asked Questions – superponics hydroponics

What is superponics 8 plant hydroponics system?

The superponics 8 plant hydroponics system claims that you will notice rapid results than any single method of hydroponics. Superponics 8 plant hydroponics system comes with a combo of all the hydroponic system which guarantees that even if one of the system fails, you will have rest of the system for your plants to thrive till you get it fixed.

Who is the manufacturer of superponics 16 plant hydroponics system?

Superponics 16 plant hydroponics system is a product from Supercloset that introduced the patent pending superponics system which promises larger, bigger and faster herbage than any other traditional gardening methods. The product comes with food grade plastic and easy to clean system, a humongous reservoir plus lid in a fully assembled state so that all you have to do is plug in, add water and start growing. Since the system is completely automated you need not worry about watering your plants every now and then.

How does superponics hydroponics work for me?

The superponics hydroponics come with nutrient system, pH testing kit, rockwool cubes for easy germination, air/water pumps that promotes plant growth almost immediately. With rapid germination and flowering/vegetative processes, you will find that superponics hydroponics initiates plant growth 2-5x sooner than conventional growing methods. Superponics is a latest hydroponic system that infuses all the methods such as top feed, deep water culture, bubble and aeroponics etc. This system was started by Supercloset, is one of its kind and is yet to receive its patent right.

How are the reviews of superponics 8/superponics 16 hydroponic system?

Unbelievably, superponics 8 and superponics 16 hydroponic system has received many positive reviews from growers all over USA. The product from supercloset comes with all the necessary tools that are necessary to grow gigantic yields. The main motive of superponics hydroponic is to negate the use of soil and inhibit soil borne diseases. This has triggered many growers to move with superponics 8 and 16 plant hydroponic system and the reviews were simply incredible. The only downside is the cost that tends to be on the expensive side but if you are a quality person, I am sure you will make the right choice.

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