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SuperPonics 16 Hydroponic Grow System

Superponics is the use of many hydroponics methods into a single system. Supercloset is the company that came up with this innovative technology by providing grow boxes and other grow systems that work on Superponics rather than simple hydroponics. Among the many systems offered by Supercloset all the 5 different hydroponics watering methods are extensively used. Most of the systems include at least three of those techniques. The 5 different hydroponics techniques are deep water culture, ebb n flow method, nutrient film technique of NFT, aeroponics or bubbleponics, and top feed drip system. Every Superponics system comes with the necessary built to accommodate these hydroponics methods for faster growth of plants.

  • Deep water culture allows the root system to grow deeper into the water. Deep containers are used for grow boxes to allow deeper root system.
  • Ebb n flow method fills up the grow buckets with nutrient water until the roots are completely submerged in it. This water level is retained for a while before receding back into the reservoir. While the water is retained the plants have easy access to the nutrients.
  • NFT or nutrient film technique is to provide a thin film of the nutrient water right under the root system. The same film will stay there for a specified period of time and later is drained back into the reservoir.
  • Aeroponics is the technique of spraying nutrient water to the roots. This way the nutrients are given to the roots directly. The sprayed nutrient water is eventually evaporated leaving the nutrients on the roots that can be absorbed easily. Aeroponics is mostly used at alternate intervals between the other watering methods.
  • Top feed drip system is providing the nutrient rich water from the top of the plant roots. Most hydroponics methods feed the plants from below and top feed will have water dripping ON the roots from above. There are specific tubes fixed at the top portion of the net cups. This drip system will have water dripping slowly most of the time.

Supercloset Grow Systems and Superponics methods used

Supercloset uses the Superponics in all of its systems, in various combination. All the grow boxes, buckets and cloners use the Superponics. Here is a small account of the many grow systems from Supercloset that effectively uses Superponics.

  • Superponics 8, 16 site grow systems: Both the 8 site and 16-site Superponics systems use top feed, deep water culture and aeroponics. The deep container is suitable for deep water culture and the small pipes connected at the top allow drip system without any spillage.
  • Supercloner 14 site Superponics system adopts only the deep water culture and aeroponics for the clones. But the system allows the clones to grow further until it reaches the height of 2 ft. It is a 2-in-1 Superponics system where the clones can continue their vegetative growth in the same system.
  • Supercloner 50 Site has a shallow reservoir-container that keeps the root area moistened by aeroponics and as the clones start rooting they come in contact with the nutrient water. The shallow container allows the deep water culture for the smaller plants. The plants can grow up to 2 ft tall before it needs replanting. Smaller plants can grow until they are ready for harvesting.
  • Superflow Superponics system uses a tubular tray system for the plants. The nutrient water passes through the tubes where the roots grow. This Superflow system uses aeroponics, NFT and the ebb n flow method to water and feed the roots. These trays are connected to the water reservoir.
  • Bubble flow buckets facilitate deep water culture, ebb n flow method, and aeroponics or bubbleponics to feed the plants. The combination of these techniques allows better circulation that prevents the formation of any nutrient pockets around the roots.
  • Vertical hydroponics grow system is a vertical grow unit that has tubular trays that works on ebb n flow and aeroponics. The plants roots are either submerged in the nutrient water of are sprayed with the nutrient water. The nutrient water is pumped up from a high capacity water reservoir.

Superponics is the reason behind the faster growth of plants when grown in Supercloset grow systems. The combination of hydroponics methods is most advantageous as the plants are never denied the access to the nutrients at any time. With the help of a timer the watering timings are set. All the Superponics combination can bring about the same growth rate, the only difference lies in the type of plants used.

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