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TechnaFlora Hydroponics Nutrients Expert Pack

Technaflora Nutrient Super Pack / Starter Kit

Nutrients can be arguably said as one of the most important factor in a plant’s growth. In a hydroponic system the nutrients are transferred into the system through the water and the amount of nutrients for each plant differs according to the nature of the plants. For beginners users this can be a bit of a task and this pain can be avoided by ordering a super nutrient package which contains all the necessary nutrients that is needed for the growth of the plants.< TechnaFlora Hydroponics nutrients expert pack is an ideal nutrients solution which is the perfect blend of all the necessary and crucial nutrients that is commonly needed by almost all the plants. TechnaFlora also gives an option to the user where they can set the needed proportion of nutrients that is needed by the plants that they are growing. This helps the user in efficiently managing the supply of nutrients throughout the harvesting period without any concerns.

The TechnaFlora hydroponics nutrients expert pack includes the following components:

  • 1 thrive alive B-1 Red, 500 ml bottle
  • 3 BC boost, one liter bottle
  • 2 BC bloom, which comes in one liter bottles
  • One 500 ml bottle of awesome blossoms
  • One 500 ml bottle of Magical
  • Two 1 liter bottles of Sugar Daddy
  • One liter bottle of BC grow

These are the main components of this TechnaFlora hydroponics nutrients expert pack and the official site of the TechnaFlora helps the user by their calculator which enables the user to know the precise amount of nutrients that is needed by plants during its different phase. The site also provides calculator for knowing the right temperature for the plants to grow at its best form. There is a calculator in the official site where the user can enter the stage of the plants growth and it will calculate the nutrients levels needed from that stage onwards. It will ask for the reservoir volume to know the amount needed to be mixed with the water. Another calculator which is included for the user to ensure the perfect growth would be the watt calculator which lets the user know how much light is needed for the perfect growth of the plants. The calculator asks for the dimension of the grow space which then calculate the light requirements in terms of watts.

TechnaFlora gives all the informational help to the users by explaining the requirements that each plant need through the different stages of its growth. The stages of a plant can be categorized into:

  • Cutting stage
  • Transplanting Stage
  • Vegetative Stage
  • Flowering stage
  • Pre harvesting stage


TechnaFlora Hydroponics Nutrients Expert pack contains all the necessary nutrients that are needed for achieving that perfect growth in any species of plants. TechnaFlora not only provides the support through quality nutrients mixes but also through efficient information which is crucial for planters to know the nature and the requirements of each plants. TechnaFlora has clearly made a mark in the industry with some of the best nutrients mixes thereby supporting the planters in a massive way by ensuring quality yield.

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