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Technaflora root 66

Technaflora root 66

Plants need sunlight and nutrients to live their life to the fullest. They can actually go off the soil and live in hydroponic mediums to establish a well-developed root system and bear fruits. There are many ways to grow plants but no matter what method you employ, nutrients are a necessity. Technaflora brand has a variety of nutrient mixes that help plants to grow and thrive well. In this article, we will be discussing Technaflora “root 66 nutrient blend” that promotes faster growth. Stay tuned to know more about this nutrient mix.

What is Technaflora root 66(1-1-1)?

Technaflora Root 66 (1-1-1) is a nutrient mix designed for plants. It contains seaweed extract, trace elements, and disaccharides. Technaflora root is a unique combination of organic substances and helps to promote faster growth of the plants. It supports a balanced root structure and offers all the vital components required for superior performance. When establishing seedlings or while transferring plants, you can apply this blend to support the growth levels. It also stimulates adventitious root development.

Unique feature of Technaflora root 66

Root 66 performs great in any kind of medium – soil, soilless and hydroponic mediums. They mix well and support all types of plants. You can also use it along with any premium quality fertilizers for best results. Using this nutrient mix with hydroponic systems boosts the plant growth and helps to deliver greater performance by supplying essential nutrients.

Features of root 66 from Technaflora

  • Supports and helps faster root development in seedlings and fully-grown plants
  • Minimizes or overcomes the negative effects faced by the plants during transplantation process
  • Helps plants to deal with stressful conditions
  • Aids in thicker stems and development of leaves
  • Lush foliage and sturdy branches
  • Help to bear more flowers and fruits
  • Microbe friendly and improves the soil quality
  • Helps to maximize the produce and faster growth periods
  • Provide smooth transition between growth stages.
  • Better immune system and disease resistance

How to use Technaflora root 66 for plants

You can use 1 tsp per quart of water and the dip the root system for cutting and clones

If you are transplanting then to avoid stress to the plant, dip the entire root system in a solution mixed with 2 tsp per quart of water. This will supply the essential nutrients and support healthy growth back to life.

You can use this nutrient in the hydroponic mediums, soil and soilless mediums just as you use other nutrient mixes. Mix 1 tsp per quart and feed to the nutrient pool.

Technaflora root 66 ingredients

  • Guaranteed Analysis (1-1-1)
  • Total Nitrogen (N) 1.0%
  • 1.0% Ammoniacal Nitrogen (N)
  • Available Phosphate (P2O51.0%
  • Soluble Potash (K2O) 1.0%
  • Boron (B) 0.05%
  • Iron (Fe) 0.05%
  • 0.1% Chelated Iron (Fe)

Customer reviews

The majority of the customers who used this product are in favor of using it repeatedly. They say that this root 66 helps to promote faster growth and is great for plants especially when transplanting from one place to the other. Many of the hydroponic users use this nutrient mix extensively due to its potential benefits to the plant medium.

Kelly says, “This is an immense creation and my shrubbery are strikingly doing well in my Supercloset trinity 3.0 hydroponic unit. They have luxuriant foliage and are super healthy.”

RUDY says, “I love the nutrient mix as it is trouble-free to use and provides valuable results. The wonderful product helps the plants to mature well and love the results. I have healthier leaves and well-built stems sprouting out from my plants. They are full of life and look great.”


ROOT 66 (1-1-1) is a nutrient blend that contains organic compounds like seaweed extracts and trace elements that are essential for plant growth. This combination helps plants to grow faster and provide greater performance. No matter whether you want to do transplantation, cloning or cutting you can do it with ease when you have root 66 besides. It works great just like any premium quality fertilizer. The best part is that it goes great with any kind of medium and is very easy to use.

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