Technaflora Hydroponics Nutrients Expert Pack

Technoflora Plant Products Ltd is a company that manufactures nutrients and other additives. It is one of the leading companies with special gardening products. One of the most used combo pack of Technoflora is the Technoflora Nutrients Super Pack that is mostly included in a complete grow system. This pack includes all the necessary nutrients that are suited for each growth stage of the plants. The specialty of these nutrients are that they are compatible for both hydroponics grow systems as well as for traditional or soil based grow systems.

Technoflora Nutrients Pack

The Technoflora nutrients super pack contains 3 one liter bottles of BC Boost, 2 one liter bottles each of BC Blom and SugarDaddy, one BC Grow 1 liter bottle and 500 ml bottle of Thrive Alive B-1 Red, Awesome Blossoms, and MagiCal. What are these nutrients? How they are to be added into the grow systems? At what stages they are required? All these questions are explained below.

Thrive Alive B-1 Red is a plant tonic that is preventative and restorative in purpose. It is useful for the rapid stimulation for lush vegetative growth. It will also make sure that the plants will have a generous flowering. The composition of this nutrient is vitamins and minerals needed by the plants and that makes it an integral part of the Technoflora nutrients super pack. It can initiate rooting when used with rooting gel and also helpful in shoot and stem formation. It is suitable for all stages, young or old. It can be mixed in the soil or water systems and also be used as a foliar spray. If used weekly as foliar spray, a lush green leaves and better intermodal spacing is visible from vegetative stage to the first week of flowering.

BC Boost is mostly used in the vegetative and flowering stages. The composition has more nitrogen and potassium for the vegetative growth. A lush growth is seen for the vegetative parts and during flowering it enhances the growth rate. Users of this product has found double harvest by using it in even the most simple and sophisticated units. Being in liquid state it is easier to mix in hydroponics system and do not make lumps or non-mixed salts. The Technoflora nutrients super pack contains 2 bottles of BC Boost.

BC Grow is also used for vegetative growth and flowering. It is used in combination with BC Boost so that together they increase the productivity and prepare the plant for the reproductive stage. The plants that are fed with BC Grow are found to be stronger to bear more fruits and have also showed an increase in the yield. No Technoflora nutrients super pack is complete without BC Grow.

BC Bloom is related to the blooming stage. When used one week prior to the flowering period the plants will have more flowers and they would also grow larger to have bigger fruits. The flowers will be brighter. For flowering plants this product is a great boon offered by Technoflora by including it in the nutrient super pack.

Awesome Blossoms is a perfect mix for the blooming stage with less nitrogen and more amount of potash and phosphorus. By adding this nutrient the plants will show increase in blooming by more buds and multiple buds in the same space. It creates a natural crown of flowering sites for the plants. New buds will be seen emerging from the already bloomed flowers. It is a single solution to amplify the flowering and thus enhancing the essential oils, aroma, and flavor of the flowers and subsequent fruits. With this product the efficiency of the Technoflora nutrient super pack in increased many times.

MagiCal is a source of magnesium and calcium that can correct the nutrient deficiencies in the plants. Not only does it corrects the deficiencies but also enhances the protein synthesis, starch content and makes way for dense fruit formation as well. It also increases the essential oil content, green color in the leaves and helpful for a healthier root system. This can be used in anytime of the growth. It will not be wrong to say that it is a single solution for many ailments in plants and can strengthen the outdoor plants during extreme weather conditions.

SugarDaddy is an all stage favorable nutrient. In each stage this nutrient performs differently. It increases the sprout growth in seedlings to make them ready for transplanting, supports stronger plant development in vegetative stage. The protein, carbohydrate, and fatty acid synthesis are increased to have vigorous growth. By using this product you will not be surprise to see the promised amount of fruits at harvesting. The SugarDaddy does the role of a daddy by nurturing the plants from young to old so that they are successful in their life and this makes it an important and essential part of the Technoflora nutrients super pack.

Mixing details of Technoflora nutrients super pack for each growth stage

  • Cutting Stage: Thrive Alive B-1 Red is used at this stage. The plant substrates like rock wool or clay rocks are pre-soaked in the solution made with 12.5 ml or 2 ½ tsp of Thrive Alive B1 Red mixed with every 1 gallon of water. Rooting gel is also used in this stage.
  • Transplanting Stage starts when the clones or cuttings develop roots. At this stage use the Sugar Daddy is used to have a lush vegetative and foliar growth. The SugarDaddy is required in 2 tsp or 10 ml for one gallon of water.
  • Vegetative Stage uses most of the products in the Technoflora nutrients super pack. The BC boost is added in 3 tsp, BC Grow is needed in 1 ½ tsp (7.5ml), ½ tsp of Thrive Alive B1 Red and MagiCal and 2 tsp Sugar Daddy are mixed in one gallon or 4 liters of water. This combination can be used every week when the water is changed, all throughout the vegetative growth. In this combination the BC Boost must the first ingredient to be mixed.
  • Flowering Stage need the light and dark period in 12:12 ratio. It is the time for reproductive stage and the plants start flowering. The flowering formula from Technoflora nutrients super pack include 3 tsp each of BC Boost and BC Bloom, 2 ½ tsp of Sugar daddy and ½ tsp each of Awesome blossoms, Thrive Alive B1 Red and MagiCal. Here also the BC Boost should be added first. The mixing amount is for every one gallon of water. Change the water weekly once and add this combination in the changed water.
  • Pre-Harvest Stage is the last 7 days of the flowering stage. In the first 3 days of the last week mix ½ tsp of MagiCal and 8 tsp of SugarDaddy to ensure that the plants have firmness and to increase the fruit potency and enhanced flavor with more essential oils.