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How to thicken lawn in summer- Thickening The Lawn on Your Own

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Lush green and thick lawn is always an eye candy. The thin patchy areas in a lawn will erase its beauty. This often happens due to uneven seeding. The fastest remedy for these patchy thin areas in a lawn is to over seed the area and continue to water and fertilize it until the seeds grow even with the other grass. If the other areas in the lawn looks healthy, then the over seeding is no big deal and can be done easily.

The method is simple and there is no need for a professional help in this regard. But remember, a poorly maintained lawn will not be back to healthy with this method and is applicable only for the already established and healthy lawns only.

In order to find the remedy you need to know what causes the thinning of the lawn. The most common reasons are water scarcity, too much of shade etc. If these two are the problems and you have done the necessary measures to counter it, and still there is no relief, move on to the over seeding.

How to thicken up grass lawn

Watering is most important for a green lawn. This is essential when it is summer and that time, the grass will need about an inch of water in a week. You may even have to water it frequently than usual. Do not leave the patchy areas and consider it the same as the other parts. Watering in the morning is ideal and also in the evening. Lack of enough water is one reason for thinning the lawn.

How to thicken your lawn during the fall

Shade: Lawn need plenty of sunshine. Too much of shade will dampen their growth and start thinning. If there is thick vegetation nearby, then trim the plants to a considerable height so that both the plants and the lawn grass get sufficient sunlight.

  • The mowing of the grass is also important as higher grass will shade the smaller ones and they start thinning out. Make sure that the lawn grass is always at an optimal height.
  • For over seeding, trim the grass to a height of 1-1 ½ inches so that the seeds can reach the ground for sprouting. This will also help the seeds to get sunshine and aeration to grow. if there are only patches of thin grass, concentrate on the specific areas otherwise, spread the seeds evenly over the lawn, with the help of a seed spreader. For too thin laws, use half the seeds required for a new lawn.
  • Do not ‘over seed’ the over seeding. Too much of seeds can be unhealthy, as they will compete with the existing grass for nutrients and water, and kill them in the process. Follow the seeds with enough fertilizers and water. Watering must be abundant so that the entire area is well soaked for a few inches deep.
  • For the next round of watering and thereafter, do it lightly but twice daily, until the seeds sprout and new grass is formed. Once the new grass attains the height of the existing grass, limit the watering to once a day, preferably in the morning or the evening.
  • Over seeding is mostly done during the winter, around November till February. This will allow the slow growth of the new grass and they get time to establish themselves before the summer arrives. If that is not possible, postpone it until summer is over.
  • Do not do mowing until the new grass attain certain height otherwise their growth will be slowed.

If you love thick grass, look for the high density grass in high quality. This kind of grass will not thin as easy as the other types. Bermuda grass and zoysia would be a good choice for thicker lawn.

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