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ThunderVak S-Series Motorized

ThunderVak S-Series Motorized

ThunderVak S-series is the next generation automated leaf trimmer. S-series ThunderVak comes in three models namely, table, manual and motorized. Here, more details on ThunderVak S-Series Motorized are mentioned.

Features of ThunderVak S-Series Motorized

  • Commercial grade heavy-duty trimmer – ThunderVak S-Series Motorized is a durable trimmer with commercial grade parts.
  • Adjustable speed operation – It comes with the ability to adjust its speed and operate either at slow or in fast motions.
  • Effective and very quite – This trimmer works very silently and is very effective in trimming leaves.
  • Dual motor operation – This feature makes ThunderVak Motorized to run on dual motor for precision.
  • Easy assembly –It is easy to assemble and is ready to work within just 10 minutes
  • Low maintenance – This trimmer requires minimal maintenance and works well.
  • Paddles –The ThunderVak motorized comes with neoprene tumbler paddles already installed. One set of rubber are also included for your convenience. Changing them, if needed is simple by just unscrewing the paddles with a screwdriver.
  • No blades – ThunderVak S-Series Motorized doesn’t contain any blades to sharpen
  • Easily Moveable – Its weight is only 58 pounds which makes the trimmer easily transferable.
  • Accuracy – It is designed to accurately clean cut the leaves without damaging the plant material
  • Two aluminum grills – ThunderVak S-Series Motorized is available with two aluminum grills for your ease.
  • Triple operation – This feature allows Motorized to perform triple operations such as automatic, manual or table top.
  • Adjustable cutting wire height – The cutting wires are already installed with the trimmer but if you want to change them, simply slide them out and replace them.
  • Warranty – This trimmer comes with one year replacement or rebuilding warranty
  • Measurement – Its Dimensions is 21’’ x 21’’ x 42’’

Tips for ThunderVak S-Series Motorized

Cleaning: Remember to always stop the motor and unplug the machine before any cleaning, maintenance or repairs. For longevity of ThunderVak ensure to clean it after every use using Bio Green Clean or other natural cleaner. Just follow the instructions for dilution as mentioned on the bottle, spray down the machine, let it stay for some time and wipe clean with a damp cloth. It is suggested not to use abrasive pad on any part of ThunderVak S-Series Motorized to prevent scratches on the surface.

Changing Air Suction: The air suction is mainly determined by the speed at which the cutting cords turn. Simply increase the speed of trimmer to operate and notice more suction taking place.

Cutting wires: Before using the trimmer confirm that all 8 cutting wires are in good condition. This machine comes with replacement cutting wires. For replacing just slide it out, discard and replace with a new one.

Electrical Requirements: ThunderVak S-Series Motorized is equipped with a power supply cord with a grounded 3 prong plug. To minimize risk of shock hazard, ensure the cord is plugged into a mating that is grounded 3 prong outlets.

Parts: ThunderVak S-Series Motorized is a made in Canada product but includes all commercial grade parts from North America.

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