Vertical Farming Grow Systems At Home

Vertical farming means to cultivate plants in vertical rows, one above the other. Since the plants have the tendency to grow towards the light, growing them vertically will not crowd them. The plants will be growing outwards. Vertical farming is the best method of plant growing for urban life where there is no space for anything other than work and living. Vertical farming is the best solution for people who love gardening but have very less space. The vertical farming is most economical and space saving method in growing plants. It allows plants to grow in any direction without crowding. The benefits of vertical farming are many. You can also do vertical farming through hydroponics system.

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  • It helps to keep the interiors green, fresh and keeps the air pure with constant supply of oxygen through photosynthesis.
  • There will be less loss due to weather problems. When there is less contamination and infestation, this helps in reduced use of pesticides and other chemicals on the plants.
  • Since most of the vertical farming is done through aeroponics it is an excellent way to conserve water but at the same time it is possible to grow plants.
  • Vertical farming plays a major role is supplying the growing population with enough food.
  • Herbs and spices are the best crops for vertical farming at home. This ensures a constant supply of green and fresh leaves for consumption.

The Best Crops Suitable for Vertical Farming at Home

There is an endless list of crops that are suitable for vertical farming. But while choosing for that at home, one has to pay attention to fast growth and usefulness. One must grow the crops that are frequently in demand and easy to grow. Crops like lettuce, basil, mint, lemon, cinnamon, parsley, cilantro, oregano etc the green plants suitable for home farming.


The disadvantages of vertical farming are with the issue of plants that need insects for pollination. Vertical farming is not happening under controlled conditions which will be a problem when the climate is not suitable for plant growth, especially winter. Under these seasons extra lighting and temperature control must be done artificially which can be expensive.

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Vertical Farming Grow Systems At Home
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