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Vertical Planting Systems

Vertical Planting systems allow growing of plants in small spaces.The world is growing with technology and other developments but so is the population across the world. The need for the air, water, and space is also increasing. But they are not enough to meet the increasing demand. Even plants are decreasing and growing plants is real tough with lesser space. The innovative idea of vertical planting system is a simple and faster solution for growing plants in the smaller space. It is a fully automated closed planting system with all the requirements fulfilled. It has water, aeration, and light and temperature control. The vertical planting system allows plants to grow in vertical tiers and more plants can grow in the same vertical line. The height of the system can be as required. The watering system is unique with all the nutrients for the plants are passing through the water and not soil. Other fiber sources are used for plant rooting. These are portable and can be placed near to the market area so as to minimize the transportation charges and product spoilage.

The vertical planting system produces reliable harvests with no harmful chemicals and farming in large scale can make sure they meet their schedule of delivery in time. It eliminates external climate conditions and free of diseases and other predator vectors. The vertical systems can be placed in any climatic region and still yield high quality crops. Since there are no chemicals, it saves water and time in washing and processing the crops. It ensures less investment with high outcome and the yield percentage is not decreased even after 10 years of usage.

These vertical planting systems are cost effective with the use of LED light for lighting minimizing the electricity consumption. Man power is minimal and can save labor cost. Water wastage is very low since the same water can be reused once they run out of nutrients. The high quality air pump does the oxygenation in the system. Vertical planting system can yield maximum crop in minimum space. The vertical system grows plants in a multi-level more plants may be planted and grown at the same time. The plants grow faster than in normal conditions more cycle of crops can be cultivated in a year. Since the plant growth is more there is scope for a variety of crop rotation. Fast growing plants may be grown faster giving space for plants with lesser growth rate.

The support of modern technology is very useful to monitor all the aspects from air condition to the nutrient level in the water and temperature control level etc. The water is sterilized before flowing into the system. The computer management system selects the optimum light form the spectrum to increase the photosynthetic activity and increase the productivity. In short it si worth every spent on it with the high quality 100% safer yield.

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