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Warning !!! Hydroponics Can Be Addictive & Here Is How You Can Get Yourself Hooked Into It

While growing up as a kid, trees and plants always fascinated me. I used to ask mom who planted it there and what made them grow oh so big and green. As an adult now, seeing a dry leaf leaves me with many mixed emotions. That’s the best part of life…you grow…!!!


And so did my love for gardening. As I look out through my window, I am seeing sky towering buildings taking over green areas where kids once played around. Now that apartments have took over the arena, space constraints is inevitable.

Coming back, hydroponics is currently one of the most sought after indoor gardening methods. From DIY-ers to ready-to-use grow cabinets you can find many hydroponics system that claim to deliver rich and faster yields. If you are planning to buy a hydroponic system or trying to build one, here is a statutory warning for you….it can be quite addictive as you can’t get enough of yields and will definitely crave for more.

Let’s face it…in a world where traditional gardening has take a step down thanks to the whole “toxic pesticides” brouhaha, there is no one who wants to take a risk with their health. This is one of the downsides of conventional gardening that has initiated many to move towards soilless gardening and its catching up everywhere like a wild fire.

Top reasons why you will be habituated to hydroponics

Small start, big harvest: It is a known fact that you can grow anything with water. So indulge yourself lavishly. Take out the tips of carrots, cilantro, lettuce and start growing. You can begin with Mason jars or any plastic container (make sure it is food grade for inhibiting toxic elements in plastic) and start growing. Glass jars are the best. Just make sure your plants are exposed to good amount of sunlight. Be it balcony or kitchen windowsill, plants need sunlight for proper production of chlorophyll and process of photosynthesis. So make sure you feed them well. Refresh water everyday for faster growth and you will have a steady supply of necessary herbs and garnishes.

Do-It-Yourself: For those who are on a budget, there are DIY hydroponics that you can begin with as low as $100. Ebb and flow, deep water culture etc. are the most simplest and easiest types of hydroponics to start with. With styrofoam, food grade plastic pots, and mechanical tools, you are ready to begin with indoor hydroponics. If you own a good amount of space, you can grow outdoors as well.

Once you are confident with this small experiment, you can take it to the next level by building vertical garden hydroponic tower. This will not only give you toxic free food but will also enhance the look of your garden or patio area. It will also make a great topic of discussion when guests come over.

Faster results: Everyone wants instant results these days. Impatience is the keyword in today’s world. Though not instant, but studies show that hydroponic plants grow 2-4x times faster than conventional gardening techniques. This is why many people go for hydroponics because they not only can reap the benefits of soilless gardening but can actually get it faster as well. Another way to get hooked to hydroponics.

Less water consumption: One cannot imagine life without water. Water is one of the most useful and inevitable resource we have so it is necessary to preserve it. And what better way than hydroponics?

One may think that hydroponics will zap more water than traditional gardening but here is where they are wrong. Since the nutrient filled water is recycled again and again in the system, water consumption is less to a very great extent when compared to soil gardening. They use only 2/3 less water than conventional methods.

Many people have even started experimenting hydroponics by using rain water as the main source wherein they use a reservoir to store this rain water and channel it towards hydroponic garden. This is mainly seen in greenhouses where they have high-end equipment’s which have been professionally set up under close supervision and control.

Clean hands: This works great for those who are not willing to get dirt under their finger nails. Although soil gardening has its own benefits, hydroponics eliminates the use of digging, composting and other conventional ways to grow plants. All you require is water and few light weight tools to start your own hydroponic garden.

Minimal pesticide use: Its a bitter fact but true. You cannot completely avoid the usage of pesticides because even the nutrients for hydroponic system feature certain degree of approved chemical contents. However, for germination purposes you can go with sterile grow media that are completely healthy for your babies.

Stress free life with your family: Believe it or not, gardening can cut stress from your life. Professional and personal lives can create unwanted stress in your life. Take time out for your plants which will be a great stress buster and will also encourage healthy plants. This is because plants can relate to humans and often go through same emotions. Talking to your plants, will not only motivate rich, crispy and colorful plants but will also help you to get any emotional turmoil out of your system. Here is your best buddy you can rely on blindly.

And the best part is you can even teach your kids about respective Mother Earth and growing a plant which is a great lesson to be learnt for the coming generations.

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