Self watering raised beds

Self watering container gardening saves time and space

Self Watering Raised Bed Garden

Self watering container gardening saves time and space

One of the smartest alternatives to time and space consuming gardening is Self watering container gardening. Container gardening can save you a lot of space and you can grow plants even if your garden is too much in the shade, has poor soil, limited mobility and a difficult climate. It will also reduce the frequency of watering so you can save time as well.

It is a fact that this type of gardening is more productive than usual gardening because they can avoid pests and disease problems faced by plants that a regular garden cannot sometimes prevent. This type of gardening also brings your gardening closer to you as you can place them on your patios or decks. You also have a choice of colors for the containers to spice up the appearance.

The self watering container gardening helps you enjoy all the benefits of raised bed gardening without the time consuming job of frequently watering your plants. Your plants will be kept green and fresh and without your constant care. They have dual wick watering systems that bring the water from the reservoir to the plants. The plant roots are kept constantly moisturized and the wick system prevents water logging.

One of the very few disadvantages of container gardening is that the roots of the plants are not given access to under-ground water reservoirs. This means that taking care of them is usually time consuming as you need to make sure the soil around the roots are kept humid. The self watering container gardening completely removes this disadvantage. The wick system keeps a constant supply of water that is just right for the plants to thrive.

The self watering container gardening can be filled with any kind of soil. Thus, even if the soil in your garden is not good enough to grow plants, the container can be filled with good soil of your choice that can support the plant you would like to grow. This type of garden is easy to set up with assembling instructions and you can add casters to increase their mobility.

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