Self watering raised beds

Self watering planter box for safe and easy plant growth

Self Watering Raised Bed Garden

Self watering planter boxes are extremely convenient to use with the benefits of a planter box combined with self watering ease. Plants grown in these boxes do not rot easily and they provide a productive garden on your patio or deck. You get different color choices on the boxes and different sizes as well.

Self watering planter box can have up to 4 gallon reservoirs (other capacities available as well) and they help to keep the plants green and fresh. These tough boxes are made of crack-proof, fade proof polypropylene which have a realistic wooden grain look. There are wooden planter boxes as well. They have dual action watering systems that keep the roots just moist enough and prevent water logging.

The self watering planter box have water gauges which tell you when it is time to refill the reservoirs. There are also easy to fill funnel with cover and two styles of finials. The advantages is that your plants stay away from pests, poor soil and a few of the weather related problems faced by plants in the gardens. They can last a long time and protect the plants within.

You can also choose the soil you want to fill in your self watering planter box. Even if the soil in your garden is not a very hospitable one, the soil in your planter box can be a different type. You can also layer the soil to give different mineral rich content to different layers. The plants growing in these boxes have all the benefits of good soil and a good watering system which will not forget to keep the soil moist like people do.

Self watering planter box are perfect for people who are busy or forget to water their plants often. The boxes are very attractive and you can grow most types of flowering plants and vegetables in these without having to worry about the time consuming job of taking care of them. All you have to do is refill the reservoirs from time to time and have a few regular checks on the plants.

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