Self watering raised beds

Self watering raised bed gardening

Self Watering Raised Bed Garden

The process of self watering raised bed gardening has many advantages and there are a few disadvantages as well. They are easy to get, build or assemble and are very water efficient. The ingenious technique of watering from the bottom up prevents water wastage from evaporation which usually occurs when you water from pipes.

In Self watering raised bed gardening, true to the name, watering is done automatically. These beds can irrigate themselves without external help for about a week. In this method, gardening can be done anywhere as there is no danger of it flooding the area around your house or the basement. The water is contained within the beds.

In Self watering raised bed gardening, there is no danger of accumulating salts in the soil. When watering the plants is done from the top, salt may get deposited in it, killing the nutrients in the soil. This risk is removed in self watering as this is done from below. There is lots of drainage when there is excess rain.

Self watering raised bed gardening is a great technique for people who have mobility issues as they do not have to lug around great buckets of water or stand around watering the plants with a hose or watering can.

The garden can be done almost anywhere. This means you can choose the spot for it yourself and not have to worry about there being no nutrients there as you will be providing what is necessary. You can create the perfect soil mix and also use any kind of plants.

This is a great way of growing your own kitchen garden. You get fresh vegetables whenever you want and these vegetables safe because the raised beds provide protection against pests.

Self watering raised bed gardening may cost you more than normal gardening and you need to make up your own soil, beds, watering system, etc. they warm up faster and also freeze over quick. There are additional freeze and thaw considerations you may need to consider which you do not have to worry about in usual gardens.

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