Self watering raised beds

Self watering raised bed planter, easy plant growing method

Self-Watering Apex Trellis Planter

A self watering raised bed planter is an easy and self-sufficient method and means of growing plants. At first glance self watering plants seem to be difficult to build and there are some self watering raised bed planters that look clumsy. That’s because you are not looking at the right product. You can buy fully assembled planters and some of them look too good to miss. They are aesthetically attractive and are self watering, all you have to do is bear the initial cost and have a few regular check ups.

One of the biggest advantage of the self watering raised bed planter is that it saves a lot of water. There is no loss of water from evaporation which occurs when there is excess surface water during the normal watering method. The water used is just enough to keep the reservoir’s water level consistent. In the traditional method, water is lost through drain holes before the water can saturate the water.

The self watering raised bed planter works through capillary action of the water through the tubes. This prevents you from splashing water all over the place and on the leaves and also keeps many diseases at bay. These planters can keep the soil just moistened enough for the optimal growth of the plant and not get water logged. This is good for the plants and they look lush and fresh.

The self watering raised bed planter eliminates the need to guess when you need to water the plants again and is the perfect option for people who tend to be forgetful when it comes to watering plants or if they are too “busy”. It is important that you check the water reservoir from time to time, though, there is just no way around that. They can be easily made to grow food systems and gardens in the area of your choice.

The self watering raised bed planter is available in many colors and designs and you can custom design them for your home. You can then fill it up with flowering plants, fruit plants or vegetable plants.

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