Self watering raised beds

Self watering raised vegetable beds

Self Watering Raised Bed Garden

Self watering raised vegetable beds are a great way of saving not only water, space and time, but also your backs! You do not have to walk around carrying heavy buckets of water or tiring pull heavy hoses with you to water your vegetable gardens. It also eliminates the need to have to bend as much. You have better access to the plants to tend and harvest them.

The soil in the self watering raised vegetable beds are usually warmer earlier in the spring than in the soil in the ground level. You can choose a few cool-season crops which can be planted sooner so that you can extend the growing season and also your vegetable choices. These self watering raised vegetable beds are the best answer if your garden soil is not very good. You can choose the soil for the raised bed and the self watering system will irrigate the plants without you having to worry about the correct timing to water the vegetable plants.

Usually vegetable garden are infested by weeds and grass. This is prevented in this system and there will be no interference from them. You can discourage invasion of pests by making the beds taller. The self watering system for the vegetable garden will prevent splashing and accumulation of water in the raised beds. This will also prevent pests and other diseases.

You can grow the vegetables that you require often in these beds. These include bush beans, lettuce, tomatoes, squash, etc. Do not limit the choices, you can experiment with a wide variety of vegetable plants. You can also change the vegetables in your self watering raised vegetable beds every year.

Vegetables grow best with at least 6 hours of direct sun in a day. You can place the vegetable beds in the appropriate position for this. You can also try growing leafy green vegetables like lettuce, mesclun, chard or root crops like carrots, beets and radishes which require lesser light.

Find the vegetables you would like to grow in your self watering raised vegetable beds according to your choices like easy to grow, or the more in demand ones and according to your surroundings. This system will keep the roots constantly humid even if you will be away for a few days or even a few weeks!

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