Which Of These Clans Perform Well? Hydroponics Or Aquaponics

Gardening is an essential part of our life and majority of the work is done by the Mother Nature herself by nurturing and trimming variety of flora around this planet with the evolving seasons. Rest of the gardening is done by humans for a variety of reasons, some for decoration purposes, as a hobby, for cultivating toxin free foods and a place to unwind and relax.


This activity has been evolving continuously with innovations and improvements with each passing day. In this article we will sort out the main differences between two clans namely hydroponics and aquaponics.

Hydroponics is the knack of cultivating plants without using soil while aquaponics is an advanced and improvised hydroponic system which makes use of aquaculture. So which one of these systems works well along with the plants and help to produce plentiful?

Before giving an answer to that question lets draw line of differences between both these clans to know them better

Our hydroponic system makes use of costly expensive items to nurture plants and people really find it difficult to go about with the budget needs. Moreover it makes use of chemicals, salts and rare elements that are not easily available. Compared to all these aquaponics just makes use of normal fishes and their wastes to provide nutrition for the plants.

In hydroponics it is very crucial to change the water regularly as it can cause excessive amounts of toxins to build up which is harmful for the plants. In aquaponics, once well established there is no necessity of removing the water instead you will have to keep adding some which goes away due to evaporation.

Hydroponics require good amount of hard work to get things done in a right way and maintenance costs are pretty high. With aquaponics you can relax way better than hydroponics and just give periodical checks for the levels of ammonia and ph of the water may be once in a week.

Hydroponics is completely a man made system and makes use of artificial nutrients to feed the plants so they are not essentially the organic types. Our aquaponics is a replica of a natural habitat where living organisms benefit each other for their growth or you can say mutual symbiosis in an artificially created system. Aquaponically grown plants are completely organic and they won’t contain any trace of chemicals within them.

Hydroponic system needs to be taken care by a man’s hand most of the times as self care is absent so they are more prone to root rots and other problems like weeds. Aquaponics have a self sufficient immune system that these problems don’t even dare to steal a look at them.

Okay so I guess by now you would have got some clue to the question which I asked at the start of this write up. Having said this much about aquaponics there is no doubt that, in case of productivity they are champions compared to hydroponics.

Conclusion: Every system has its own flaws and continuous improvement is the only way to tackle such problems. As of now aquaponics are standing ahead of hydroponics in the game of growing plants economically and optimally. Aquaponics is basically not a new method but we have borrowed the idea from our mother earth and using it for the better.

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