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Why Hydroponics Is Used To Grow Plants – Reasons Why Hydroponics Gets A “Hands Down” Over Soil

Apart from my music which heals my soul, my next passionate hobby lies in gardening that heals my body and mind. I still remember the day I cried when I lost a plant to rodents and scorching sunlight. I was 8 years old. My parents took me to a vacation at a weekend and by the time I reached, the plant leaves were yellow and pests have eaten up half of my flowers leaving a shallow hole in my heart that took years to be healed.

It was a lesson better learnt and I realized I would do whatever I can to save my plants. I moved to a new city and lived in an apartment as my career took a drastic turn. But I never let go of my passion for gardening. Of course, I do indulge in soil gardening but the space constraints have pushed me towards hydroponic gardening.

Its a completely new arena in the field of gardening but I never thought it would be so much fun. I started out with basics but then curiosity took me over. I did not use any nutrients during the initial stage as frankly I was not aware how it will work out to my benefit. From kitchen windowsill to table top, I started out everything I could.

I was finicky at first but then I was hooked on to it. It was clearly evident that hydroponics was a superior choice than soil gardening. Why? Here are few reasons for you.

  • Space saver: Unlike soil gardening that eats up a lot of space, hydroponics can be grown anywhere. In soil gardening the plant roots spread throughout the soil. This will take lot of space but not anymore. Hydroponic plants are soaked in oxygenated water that are rich in nutrients. They will grow right on their own space which will assist in growing plants together. It is a huge space saver for those having area issues.
  • Preserving energy: imagine how traditional gardening works. They dump water in soil pots, let it settle on the soil and then walk off hoping plants to grow. Sounds easy. But it ain’t. You are actually a lot of water for conventional gardening than other methods. This is because water drips out of the bottom, seeps further to the ground of simply evaporates. Only a small percent is used for plants. But with hydroponics and its myriad types such as deep water culture, the water are recycled that will prevent evaporation or seeping in. This means you can use the water that was used for a day in soil gardening to use for many days/weeks at hydroponics. In fact you can save around 90% of water in hydroponic setup.
  • No weeds: one of the most commonly heard justifications why people shrug off from soil gardening is because they do not want unnecessary mess of dealing with weeding. A simple alternative – hydroponics.
  • No soil borne diseases: applying the above logic, with hydroponics you can cut down the risks of pests and diseases. That’s as simple as it gets.
  • Grow all year: unlike outdoor gardening that needs proper time for seeding keeping in mind the climate and other factors, indoor growing can be done every year without considering outdoor hindrances.
  • Savings in your pocket: Hydroponics not only saves you both time and energy. Be it managing weeds, pest control or watering, hydroponic delivers faster yields at low cost.
  • You got the power: hydroponics gives you the power to dominate the light, temperature, feeding and so on. Kind of like the move “The Truman Show”. You can create/change the growing factors at your discretion.
  • Rich yields: though completely eliminating chemicals is crucial part, the usage of them is quite minimal when compared to soil gardening. This will give you great produce at a good rate.

To top the last, you get to experiment, dude! That’s the best part of it. You can indulge in varieties and actually ‘see’ how plants react. For instance, growing Lettuce vs. Basil is like unsolved mystery. You actually need to put the pieces together to deliver the final result.

Bottomline, you need not start out big. Its always safe to start from small. This way you can learn how hydroponics can work for you.

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