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X Nutrients Grow Spray (5Gallon)

X Nutrients Grow Spray (5Gallon)

X Nutrients Grow Spray (5 Gallon) is a powerful nutrient spray that is applied to the plants leaves during its growth stage i.e. prior to its flower or fruit stage. This nutrient is designed to be used in both soil and hydroponic systems. It is also friendly with other nutrient products and can be used alongside them. X Nutrients Grow Spray (5 Gallon) is extremely effective and is safe to use on your plant leaves. This easy to use grow Spray will help produce large, green leaves with big fruit or flowers. It consists of all the right ingredients packed in one bottle. X Nutrients Grow Spray (5 Gallon) comes in various sizes such as 1 Quart, 1 Gallon, 2.5 Gallons and 5 Gallons.

How X Nutrients Grow Spray (5Gallon) Works?

X Nutrients Grow Spray (5 Gallon) allows your plants to grow bigger and faster. It is created to reduce your time till harvest while increasing growth during the vegetative stage. Using foliage method to feed your plants with X Nutrients Grow Spray (5 Gallon) proves very effective. Apply grow spray directly to the top and bottom of the plant leaves. The stomata and epidermis quickly absorbs this nutrient. Foliar plant feeding method is a tested and proven technique. Research shows that it speeds up and improves the absorption and movement of nutrients within the plant. X Nutrients Grow Spray (5 Gallon) can be used with other nutrient products as well. You can use X nutrients bloom, Micro, and Amino Blast with Grow Spray.

Use Grow Spray during the vegetative stage for fast and bigger fruits. Also, the high nitrogen formulation provides plants with essential growth. It is recommended to use grow spray prior to flowering/vegetative stage and switch to Bloom Spray one the plant enters flowering or fruit stage.

Ingredients of X Nutrients Grow Spray (5Gallon)

X Nutrients Grow Spray (5 Gallon) consists of 0.5 – 0.7 – 1.8 (NPK) formula. It comprises of total Nitrogen (N) – 0.5% ( in which 0.1% is Ammoniacal Nitrogen and 0.4% is Nitrate Nitrogen), Phosphate (P2O5)- 0.7% and Soluble Potash is (K2O) 1.8%. All these ingredients are derived from Monoammonium phosphate, Monopotassium phosphate and Potassium Nitrate. Moreover, it also includes macro nutrients and a wetting agent, aka a surfactant. This wetting agent allows the grow spray to quickly dissolve with the water. The integration of all these ingredients removes NPK deficiency and gives healthy plants.

Benefits of X Nutrients Grow Spray (5Gallon)

Foliar feeding allows faster nutrient absorption and distribution by plant, as they get immediate access to nutrients when applied directly. You will see an explosive growth occurring overnight on your plants. Within few hours a large grown plant will have been fed with X Nutrients Grow Spray (5 Gallon). X Nutrients Grow Spray (5 Gallon) pack supports in compensating various NPK plant deficiencies. Grow spray is applied directly to the leaves, so it is not dependant on the pH value neither of the soil nor hydroponic system.

Mixing Instructions Of X Nutrients Grow Spray (5Gallon)

The general application for Hydroponics system and grow medium such as soil/Coco/Other medium is, mix 15 ml of grow spray with one liter of water to prepare a spray. Use this spray to apply on top and bottom of plant leaves. For best results apply the spray twice a week.

With the use of X Nutrients Grow Spray (5Gallon) you can have a visible improvement in your plants growth. It will support in producing up to 20% additional growth. The combination of Grow spray and Bloom Spray will provide you with maximum yield, size, and density.

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