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X Nutrients Silica (5 Gallon)

X Nutrients Silica (5 Gallon)

X Nutrients is a company providing nutrients, supplements, sprays and other additives for enhanced plant growth at various stages. Its goal is to assist you in growing stronger, better, healthier, and superior yielding plants. Its product line includes various products that support you through all growth stages starting from vegetative to flowering and fruiting stages. X Nutrients’ products will definitely maximize the true full potential of your plants. Addition of X Nutrients Silica in its product line proves a booster to its already flourishing business.

X Nutrients Silica is a perfect product if you want some additional silica for your plants. It is available in various quantities such as 1 Quart, 1 Gallon, 2.5 Gallons, 5 Gallons, 15 Gallons and 55 Gallons. These many options allow home growers as well as commercial growers to buy its suitable unit.

X Nutrients derives its silica straight away from Potassium Silicate whereas some other competitors utilize Sodium Silicate. X Nutrients Silica (5 Gallon) contains features such as:

  • It helps strengthen plants tissues
  • It is efficient to combat adverse conditions such as heat, drought, frost and insects
  • It offers increased levels of potassium and silicon by building stronger cell walls

Benefits From X Nutrients Silica (5 Gallon) Main Ingredients:

Silica for Plants

1. Strengthen plants tissues- Silica helps strengthen and thickens the cell walls of the plant. Apart from strengthening the plant stems it prevent them from the risk of breakages. In indoor gardening due to limited space, plant stems are more prone to get broken. Adding silica will aid in strong plant stems, making it less likely to break.

2. Combat adverse conditions- Silica also help plants defy conditions such as heat, cold, over-watering or under-watering. Along with this, silica helps plants withstand bugs, pests or fungus attacks. Though silica will not make your plants resistant to pests or disease, it will aid in keeping them at bay.

3. Strong plants- Silica helps your plants to hold their own weight in much better ways so if at all you notice your plants breaking due to its own weight, get conscious and pick X Nutrients Silica (5 Gallon).

Potassium for Plants

1. Essential Nutrient- Potassium is an essential plant nutrient that is required by them in large amounts. It helps proper plants growth and reproduction. Potassium is considered the second best nutrient after nitrogen. It is responsible for plant shape, size, color, taste and other measurements attributed for healthy produce.
2. Drought resistant- Potassium regulates the opening and closing of stomata, in Photosynthesis and thus regulates CO2 uptake. It plays a vital role in regulating water in plants. Both activities including uptake of water through plant roots and water loss through the stomata are affected by potassium. Potassium is known to improve drought resistance. Its deficiency may cause plants to poor resistance to pests, Weak and unhealthy roots and affects fruits or flower production.

Direction to Use X Nutrients Silica (5 Gallon)

  • For Hydroponics application- Use 5 ml per gallon in your hydroponic system reservoir.
  • For use in growing medium such as Soil/Coco/Other medium – Use 5 ml per gallon every time you water.

Always discard any unused mixed nutrients. Also note that you should never premix X Nutrients Silica (5 Gallon) with another product. At all times you should add it directly to the reservoir and adjust your pH levels only after adding all your nutrient products.

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